King Edward VI Grammar School 切姆斯福德


The 桶 生态学校 Committee have had another successful and productive year. This year we had our first School Spring Clean which we hope to continue next year. It proved to be an industrious event, making a noticeable difference to our school grounds.

Wlitter picking team 19 april 2016.JPGe have continued to work towards the Green Flag Award, a prestigious achievement that requires much commitment. 对于这个, we held an energy saving week, where we encouraged the school in an assembly to save energy wherever possible. A noticeably lower energy usage was recorded during the week and we have taken many positives from the event. We have installed new water fountains and refuse bins with money we received from the Jack Petchey Scheme, as well as ensuring self-closing doors have been fitted to minimise heat loss from the canteen. We also created a new log pile on the field to encourage biodiversity on our school grounds. Although pioneered by Mrs Orr, the 生态学校 Committee provided assistance in the creation of the wonderful maths garden, which has given a new lease of life to the LDC block.

Overall the 生态学校 Committee has had an excellent year and a special thank you must go to Madame Selaj for her continued efforts and leadership over a number of years. Doctor Hitch’s advice and support has also日志pile1.JPG been really appreciated this year. We will work towards the Green Flag Award next year, in what we hope will be an even more successful year than the last.

EcoSchools is an international project to help our school be more environmentally friendly.

These are our main goals:

1. REDUCE - We will reduce the amount of electricity used in the school by switching off unused lights and appliances and using more eco-friendly devices where possible.

2. RECYCLE - We will increase the amount of materials recycled from school by improving and making better use of our recycling facilities.

3. USE LESS - The school will use less paper and make more use of recycled goods such as stationery, toilet paper and packaging.

4. ACT ON LITTER - We will reduce the amount of litter seen around the school.

5. SOURCE LOCALLY - 桶 will use, as much as possible, locally sourced foods, including home grown, where the school is responsible for provision.厨师.jpg

We are now collecting paper, c生态学校.jpgardboard, plastic bottles and metal cans from various points around the school.  Reaction from staff and pupils has been very encouraging.  We have been told that 桶 is in fact the first school in 切姆斯福德 to collect cardboard for recycling.

The campaign to save electricity by turning off lights has seen specially ordered stickers put up beside light switches in many rooms around the school, and we hope that habits will start to change.

There are many possible directions for future initiatives, and any students interested in contributing to the eco-schools project at 桶 are very welcome to speak to Mme Selaj to find out how they can become involved.